This course has been designed as a practical guide to support health professionals understand about how natural health products are made and how to use evidence to guide their use for patients.
The Natural Health Science Foundation’s (NHSF) new course, Natural Health Products and Scientific Evidence has been developed to help you answer these questions.

This online course has been developed with the assistance of leading pharmacy educators.
It has been developed by a not for profit without commercial bias.
It will enable you to make better informed specific product decisions about natural medicine products.
Published in January 2022 this course is up to date and has been supported by global experts.

This online at-your-own-pace course consists of:
short lectures
interviews with international experts
footage of production
practical handouts
real world case studies
quick quizzes

Upon completion, you will be accredited by the Foundation which is to improve your community recognition will demonstrate that you are up to date and evidence based with your natural medicine product use.

As a pharmacist are you passionate about improving the health of your patients?

Of course the products you recommend are an important part of your professional service to your patients and often pharmacy education is limited on how product variability can substantially affect your patient outcomes.

How do you benefit from the guidance of the international scientific community and the advice of fellow professionals at an affordable price?

Where do you get unbiased information on products?

How do you know that the specific products you prescribe are the best choice for your patients?

With new data being published all the time, how do you keep up to date?

Hi, I’m Nigel Pollard
This course will take you on my journey to understand how natural health products are made and how to use this knowledge to assist choice of products.

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The Natural Health Science Foundation is commercially independent and only exists to deliver its Vision.


Students of this course receive content from natural health experts from all over the world and will gain a stronger understanding of evidence based natural medicine use. 

Accredited, and at-your-own-pace

This course consists of short lectures, interviews with experts, footage of production, handouts, case studies and quick quizzes. Upon completion you will be accredited by the Foundation.